Painless laser hair removal in Reading, thread vein reduction, skin rejuvenation

There seems an overwhelming number of  different methods of hair removal. How do you make a choice?  The one thing laser removal methods all have in common is that they stop hair from re-growing (to a greater or lesser extent), but which of these methods is the least painful?

Current laser hair removal machines fall (predominantly) into 2 camps, the traditional ‘shots’ based method and the newer ‘Alexandrite’ method.

Shots – Laser systems such as Magma, Candela and Cynosure use the now older-fashioned traditional shots method. During this treatment, laser energy is applied in one flash, to a small area. This laser flash raises the temperature in the follicle to somewhere around 45-50 degrees. After every flash the handset is moved a centimetre or 2 and the process repeated until the entire treatment area has been covered. This can be rather painful, with some systems being more painful than others! It is commonly likened to being flicked by an elastic band, with every laser flash!  As the laser energy is delivered all at once, a cooling method is employed to prevent burns and make the treatment more bearable. 

Alexandrite – At Reading Cosmetic Laser we DO NOT USE the shots method.  We are very proud to use our fantastic MOTUS AY cosmetic laser.  This state-of-the-art machine can truly offer painless laser hair removal in Reading.

We have the Motus AY, which is the first and, currently, only pain-free hair removal platform which delivers two gold-standard lasers. The Motus AY uses powerful Moveo Technology to introduce a revolutionary new approach to Alexandrite laser hair removal. 

Moveo Technology removes the barriers previously set when using earlier traditional Alexandrite or ‘Pain-Free diode lasers.  At 755nm, Alexandrite lasers operate at the optimum wavelength for melanin absorption (exactly what is needed for laser removal treatments).

When we talk about these methods being painless we don’t just mean on your legs! At Reading Cosmetic Laser our laser delivers pain-free Hair Removal on your intimate areas too (including Brazilian and Hollywood hair removal), like your face and bikini line (bikini hair removal). So, thanks to the Motus AY you can relax and enjoy the experience!