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NOTE: All Prices will have a further 10%+ reduced when quotes are over £1500 (up to 17.5% when quote over £6000)

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Laser Hair Removal – Female or Male

TreatmentSingle SessionCourse of 6 (10% Off)
Centre Brow£25 £135
Upper Lip£35 £189
Full Face£125 £675
Half Face£85 £459
Underarms£60 £324
Bikini (standard)£80 £432
Bikini Full (Brazilian / Hollywood)£100 £540
Full Abdomen£200 £1080
Full Back & Shoulders£200 £1080
Full Abdomen & Full Back£300 £1620
Half Arm£70 £378
Full Arm£120 £648
Half Leg£120 £648
Full Leg£195 £1053
Half Leg & Bikini (Standard)£200 £1080
Half Leg & Bikini (Full)£220 £1080
Full Leg & Bikini (Standard)£275 £1485
Full Leg & Bikini (Full)£295 £1593
Underarms & Bikini (standard)£135 £729
Underarms & Bikini (Full)£155 £837
Half Leg, Bikini & UnderarmBlock Only £1350
Full Leg, Bikini & UnderarmBlock Only £1600

Skin Rejuvenation

TreatmentSingle SessionCourse of 3 (10% Off)
Half Face£135 £364
Full Face£175 £472
Full Face & Neck£200 £540
Full Face, Neck and Chest£250 £675
Neck Only£125 £337
Chest Only£150 £405
Hands£100 £270

Skin Pigmentation

TreatmentSingle SessionCourse of 3 (10% Off)
Single Pigmentation Area (eg. One Sunspot)£50 £135
Four Pigmentation Areas (eg. Four Sunspots)£175 £472
Full Hands£150 £405

Thread Veins Removal

TreatmentSingle SessionCourse of 3 (10% Off)
Single Lesion (One thread Vein)£50 £135
Cheeks£100 £270
Cheek & Nose£150 £405
Half Face£180 £486
Full Face£200 £540
Full Face & Neck£250 £675
Full Face, Neck & Chest£300 £810
Chest Only£180 £486
Hands£150 £405
Half Leg£320 £864
Full Leg£610 £1647

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