Skin Marks Removal

Laser Therapy is an extremely effective treatment for removing unwanted pigmentation that can lead to skin marks such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles.
Even deeper and larger areas or pigmentation, such as birth marks,  can now be successfully treated using lasers.

Our laser treatment is non-invasive and very effective and can be done on both face and body, leaving your skin tone more even.

Skin Conditions That We Can Cover at Reading Cosmetic Laser:
  • Skin Pigmentation
  • ​Freckles
  • Sun spots
  • Lentigines (age spots, liver spots)
  • ​Flat seborrheic keratoses
  • ​Birthmarks

What Are The Causes Of Pigmentation In Skin?

Unusual pigmented skin marks may appear when a small or large area of the skin produces either too much or too little melanin but the rest of the skin maintains normal melanin production.

Both internal and external environmental factors may cause pigmentation changes in your skin.  These include variables such as sunlight, hormones, ultraviolets rays, food and even some medications.

How Our Laser Pigment Removal Works?

As we have discussed skin colour is a result of melanin rich cells. Laser light is applied on skin pigmentation areas such as freckles, sun spots, liver spots or birthmarks. The melanin rich cells will rapidly absorb the light and heat up causing them to be destroyed and leave them ready to be naturally reabsorbed and replaced by the body.

The laser energy is only absorbed by the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment. The surrounding area and normal skin colour is not affected by the laser.

The result after the treatment is that the abnormal cells are replaced by normal healthy cells and this restores a continuous healthy looking skin tone that looks the same as the rest of your skin.

What Areas Can Be Treated For Pigmentation?

We can treat any area of your face or body. The most common areas are face, neck, chest and shoulders, which usually are the most sun exposed areas.

Our device is placed onto your skin and short bursts of light are emitted. The applicator is moved around the affected area until the skin pigmentation is fully treated.

A typical session may last anything from around 10 to 30 minutes. The number of sessions needed depends on the type and size of the lesion, but usually 1 – 3 sessions are required at 4 – 6 week intervals.

As with our other protocols, before you can have a treatment, you’ll have to come in for a consultation with one of our laser technician experts.  They will be able to determine if you are suitable for the treatment. While our treatment is suitable for most people, you’ll have to complete a medical history to make sure the laser treatment is right for your skin type.

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