Thread Vein Removal

A common effect of the ageing process is that veins tend to lose their elasticity. The veins that most commonly appear as we age are those that sit around the most exposed areas. These include veins around the nose, cheeks and chin but often they can appear on the legs and other areas of the body.

The majority of these veins do not cause any symptoms, but they can affect your confidence because they can leave an undesirable appearance. Searching for thread vein removal Reading? We can help! 

Thread veins are small, dilated blood vessels which run very close to the surface of the skin. Thread veins usually appear as we age when our skin and blood vessels lose their elasticity.

The good news is that thread veins can be treated quickly and effectively with the right treatment. We can offer you a safe and effective solution to get rid of this problem by using laser technology.

At Reading Cosmetic Laser we can get rid of vascular lesions like spider naevi, facial telangiectasia, cherry angioma, campbell de morgan spots and blue/purple thread veins.

We can also treat: pigmentation, freckles, lentigines (age spots, liver spots), flat seborrheic keratoses and more.

For effectively removing thread veins we usually find that between 1 to 4 laser treatments are most commonly required.

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How Our Thread Vein Removal Works

During your treatment, light emitted by the laser is absorbed by your blood vessels. The blood vessels heat up to a point where they are damaged (will need a further treatment) or completely destroyed (disappear instantly on the first treatment). This leaves the remains of the blood vessel to be reabsorbed by the body with little or no trace to the original lesion.

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